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Érudit téméraire
(Reckless Scholar)

Érudit téméraire
(Reckless Scholar)

Émergence des vagues

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Érudit téméraire

Coût :

CCM : 3

Type / sous-type :
Créature : humain et sorcier
Rareté :


Texte :
: Un joueur ciblé pioche une carte et se défausse ensuite d'une carte.

Le progrès à un prix.

Force / Endurance: 2/1

Illustrateur :  Steve Prescott

Numéro de collection : SOI 82/297

Date de sortie : 08/04/2016

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Reckless Scholar

Creature — Human Wizard

: Target player draws a card, then discards a card.

Progress comes at a price.

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Le Dark Mogwaï

Gerrard Capashen was ill
the day Dominaria stood still
but he told us how to vindicate
and Karn the robot was there
in silver underwear
Squee, goblin nabab was the Unkillable Gob
Then something went wrong
for Ertai and Crovax
they got crammed in a Phyrexian vat
Then at a deadly pace
Gix came from Aether Space
And this is how the message ran

Urza's Saga (ooh ooh ooh) stroke of genius
Urza Planeswalker will build a creature
See golems sunder (ooh ooh ooh) Tolarian academy
And Skyship Weatherlight go crashing around
Wo oh oh oh oh oh
At the caves of Koilos, Urza's Saga will show and tell

I knew Hanna, ship's navigator
broke the heart of Barrin
when Tsabo Tavoc spread the exotic disease
And I really got hot
When I saw Gerrard Capashen
Fight a spider that stings legends and kills
And Sisay said Volrath
Terribly need a bath
That's what the flowstone slide thing was for
But when planes collide
Said Yawgmoth to his bride
The Planeshift'll give you some terrible thrills
Like an

Urza's Saga (ooh ooh ooh) planar despair
Urza Planeswalker will build a creature
See metathrans fighting (ooh ooh ooh) Phyrexian battleflies
Tahngarth stars in the Aurochs'n'roll
Wo oh oh oh oh oh
On the Yavimaya Coast, Urza's Saga will go bedlam
With viashinos - oh oh oh oh
On the Yavimaya Coast, Urza's Saga will go bedlam
I wanna go - oh oh oh oh
To the Yavimaya Coast, Urza's Saga will go bedlam
With ornithopters - oh oh oh oh
On the Yavimaya Coast, Urza's Saga will go bedlam

—The Dauthi Horror Picture Show

Proposé par Dark Mogwaï le 19/06/2012

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