Wall of Fire Thundering Giant Goblin Roughrider Torch Fiend Foundry Street Denizen Paragon of Fierce Defiance Belligerent Sliver Mishra's Self-Replicator Sparring Construct Pardic Wanderer Rampaging Cyclops Keldon Warcaller Keldon Raider Ghitu Lavarunner Ghitu Journeymage Firefist Adept Bloodstone Goblin Inferno Fist Blastfire Bolt Crowd's Favor Hammerhand Wizard's Lightning Warlord's Fury Shivan Fire Run Amok Radiating Lightning Fight with Fire Fiery Intervention Fervent Strike Mountain Accorder's Shield Vial of Poison Staff of the Flame Magus Obelisk of Urd Rogue's Gloves Sacred Armory Sorcerer's Wand Short Sword Chandra, Pyromaster