Nicol Bolas : So, some little planeswalkers dared to cross my magnifiscent plans...
Ajani Goldmane : Yeah, we totally managed to kick your butt here, dragon ! It was hard, we had to overcome all your twisted traps, but we did it !
Nicol Bolas : ... Very smart. They killed my paper deliverer, so that I cannot write my plans down.
Nicol Bolas : While most of my shemes are only kept deep in my mind.
Nicol Bolas : The paper was essentially for my shopping list.
Nicol Bolas : Besides, I usually have some stocks of it, in case such inconvinience came to happen.
Ajani Goldmane : NOOOOOOOOOO !
Nicol Bolas : You mad ?

— Multiverse chat log
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