OverMaster !
Overeager Apprentice !
Graveborn, Glissa Sunseeker !
Bola Warrior
Ceta Disciple
In me, the Wishmonger !

Oooooooh, halberdier
Oooooooh, Feuilledorien

A dreamy-eyed child of Gaea staring into pyknite
Otherworldly journey to Heartwood storyteller's mind
Whispers a golden wish, speaks with the Starke
The words of wind are silent in Orim
Future sight from a coldsteel heart
"I'll be with you soon, my shadowbane"
Kor havens my day of destiny


Oooooooh, Zubera
Oooooooh, flashfreeze

Tefeiri the reckless one known only by Orim
To hostile realms, the sorcery within
If you sound the call of fatal lore
Your storm world shall rest, unearth no more
Bird maiden wurmcalling with her culling sun
"Meet me at the Inn of Last Laugh"
Graveborn will find the ghostway

Crusade for Yawgmoth's will
A child, dreamcatcher
Jushi apprentice becoming...

Death wish, Wishmonger, in Les Classiques du Multivers, édition collector
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